Sunday, 31 May 2009

Playing catch up ...

... with 'diary' posts! Here's a good bit - *wooo hooo*

Eldest son came up with an idea to help clear the unwanted stuff from Dad's old home. The stuff not suitable to take to the Dogs Trust, small electricals, gardening stuff and general junk as far as we were concerned. He suggested I tried to get rid via Freecycle. Well, from my experience of Freecycle I didn't hold out much hope but, nothing ventured, nothing gained so, on Friday I posted on the local Freecycle site - not individual items on offer but an Open House. I gave a 2 hour time slot with the address and put on a list of some of the items available but by no means all. The list?

DVD player
Single electric blanket
Cylinder hoover with tools
Steam iron
Garden tools
Landscaping membrane
Cleaning mops
Dustpan & brushes (yep, plural)
Decorating stuff
Table and a couple of fold up chairs ...
Luggage trolleys
Rotary clothes dryer
Clothes pegs
etc. etc. etc.

Everything duly spread out in a restricted area and, not expecting anyone to turn up, I sat and waited. Dead on the dot of 2pm came the first visitors and so they came! Within ½ an hour there was hardly anything left. I was totally gobsmacked! There was a long 'corridor' type area that was filled all the way down it's length with stuff. There were 2 work surfaces spread with bits and and there was stuff under the work surfaces. The table mentioned in the list was also opened and spread with bits.

I wish I'd taken photographs of the original amount on offer but I didn't however, here's what was left just 30 minutes after the 'start' time (rubbish photos - took them on phone to send to youngest son who helped lay it all out ...)

The last of the visitors called at 3:30pm and the following is what was left at the end of the 2 hour slot (better photos, taken on camera *hehe*). Successful? You bet - and so much less to take to the tip. In fact, there's very little that will be going to the tip although there is another car load for the Dogs Trust .....

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Jan R said...

Wow, didn't you do well Pam! Great result and nice to know others can now make use of your Dad's stuff.