Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Made with EK Success Corner Adorner punches. One off the list from the House Party. I made one on our weekend and have tried some of my other Corner Adorner's since I've been home. The results are shown here and the punches used were -
A) Square Steps. B) Wrought Iron. C) Bubbles and D)Basket Weave.
I tried Iron Eagle as well but that one didn't work at all well - *lol*

The method for this is very easy and any corner punch that the guides can be removed from can, potentially, be used. Any design is worth trying. Some will work - as with these - and some won't - as with Iron Eagle.

A video tutorial on 'how to' can be found on the Amazing Paper Grace blog here and, how about trying a rectangle? I've yet to try that but I shall be following Becca's tutorial here. Just wish I had an inch of Becca's talent *LOL*


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