Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Yet another ...

... phone call, yet another fall! This time he was getting out of bed on his own - and fell, hitting his head! Seems he can't stand without falling and nobody has any idea why. Paramedics were called again and yet again he refused to go to hospital so a doctor is going to have to check him out there. There's got to be a reason why this has started to happen but without him going to hospital to have tests it's unlikely we'll get to find the reason which means it's likely to continue. I know I've said it before but the change in my Dad, in such a short space of time, really is unbelieveable and a complete worry. Where he did nearly everything for himself (with a bit of support) and was mobile, before he moved, he's gone to being able to do nothing and he's not yet been moved a month ....

Took a few photos of some of the plants in the garden while I was wandering yesterday. I know a couple are probably weeds that are growing in a planter on the patio but - on the premise that a weed is a plant growing where you don't want it and these were quite pretty, I'm happy to have these 'weeds' growing in my planter so that makes 'em plants as far as I'm concerned - *LOL*

Cape Fuschia
This particular plant decided to plant itself where it is (it used to be a banana plant - *lol*) but the original came from Mum's garden by way of one sprig pulled from the ground. It is a prolific spreading plant which is why I've grown it in a planter but it's still spread itself anyway - into this 2nd planter that's some 10 feet away ... ish!

One of the probable weeds that I'm happy to let grow.

The other probable weed - *lol*

A beautiful climber - name unknown - which is in my neighbour's garden but overhangs into ours and very welcome!

now in full flower, in central bed.

also in central bed and seems to be on it's 2nd flush of 'flowers'.

I missed the escalonia in flower but I'm hoping that it will flower again some time. There are other varieties of hebe that are in bud but it doesn't look as though they will come into full bloom for a while yet as they are still tight. It's great to know that there will be more blossom and, although the border is completely evergreen, it's good that there is colour in it as well. Can't wait to see it really start to mature and fill out. I'm just so pleased with the progress this far considering, apart from planting it, I've done nothing .... not even watered it!

Last week I happened to look over my next door neighbour's fence and found they were allowing a poppy bed to grow - oriental type - and the plants had huge buds on them! Now, knowing what beautiful flowers we used to have from those that grew wild in our garden (seeded by wildlife) before it was done, the wonderful colours and the huge double blooms, I was hoping to get some piccies when bud broke, for use in my crafting. Yesterday I went to look and, sure enough, buds had broken but ..... they're all red poppies! Beautiful poppies most certainly but all red and not a double bloom amongst 'em! There's more to break bud but don't reckon there'll be any different. Took photo's anyway and was trying to get a bumble bee that was visiting one flower but neighbour saw me and came out for a chat (think he more worried about what I was up to hanging over fence!) and I never got said bumble bee!

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Anonymous said...

What pretty flowers you have Pam.My patch has gone to hell,the beds are not at all tidy.I will do it though.Sorry about your Dads fall,hugs to you all because I think you need them just now.
Sue c