Monday, 22 June 2009

Crafter's House Party ...

... instalment number 7 and the last .... the challenge card one!

The only card I made over the whole weekend *LOL* The forum that I'm a member of has regular card challenges. It's not something that I normally take part in due to rarely making cards (except at class and then they're not really my own cards but 'copied' from the tutor, with a twist 'cos I never make them exactly the same *LOL*) but always contribute by voting. I have only entered once before, when the subject matched a card I'd partly made a couple of years ago but had never finished. The challenge, at the time, gave me the impetus to finish it. Anyway, I digress .....

Before we went away another challenge was set and I thought it would be good if we could all make a card and send it in. As it turned out quite a few of the ladies had already made one and sent them off before coming away but there were a few of us that hadn't so, with a bit of cajoling .... OK, nagging, *lol*.... I managed to get some that hadn't entered to make one.

The challenge was on the theme of ......... TEDDY BEARS.
The card could be any shape or size but NOT a bookatrix.
Any colour...any teddy/, ladies, babies, wedding, whatever theme we liked.
It had to have at least 2 different papers on it. For example a plain and floral, and be finished off with a ribbon.

I'd prepared, when I packed the crafty stuff to take, by throwing in a Sizzix teddy die and a selection of 3D découpage papers, as well as Daisy & Dandelion stamps so there was plenty of choice. As it turned out Jackie, Greta and Nena plumped for découpage papers and Cally for the Sizzix die, which she had also bought with her. 5 of us made our entries over the weekend and I photographed them and sent them in bulk to the organiser.

(Click on an image for a larger version)

I voted, as usual, when the time came but didn't vote for any of the ones I'd seen prior to the 'reveal'. I was really surprised 'cos my offering came 2nd! I was so chuffed.

The teddy came from a StudioLight 3D découpage sheet. Cream, deckle-edged base card distressed with ink. 2 papers layered (don't know what papers they are unfortunately), having corners punched with the new Woodware Inverted Corner Rounder punch (just Google as it's now quite widely available) and again, distressed with ink. A Nestie label, chalked in a golden brown while die still in place and the same with a Spellbinder Ribbon Tag. All bought together with a narrow, cream organza ribbon and a greeting stamped on the tag.



Sylvia R said...

Hi Pam,
lovely teddies by the girls and your self.......
I must admit when i viewed them to vote on the forum I did notice that some had been taken at the same place, didn't fool me moving the flower he,he, still had the leaf plaque behind....he,he Great cards everyone

Sylvia xxxx

My'scardcorner said...

Lovely selection of Teddies you cant beat them can you:0)