Monday, 22 June 2009

Our garden ...

... today! The sun was shining and everything looked quite lush so I decided to take some photos to show how it's progressed since it was finished last year.

From the top ramp looking down.

From the decking area looking down.

From the bottom left (by small shed) looking up.

From the paved area to the plantings.

The bottom of the garden with cordyline from Dad's, well, more technically Mum's, garden and the palm from eldest's when house sold.

The planted area is filling out nicely now and the plant I thought we'd lost last year is growing. Can't see it from the front of the border 'cos the euphorbia is hiding it at the moment but I'm sure it will make it's presence felt at some point *LOL*

The 'nearly before' ..... here
The 'nearly after' (almost a year ago) ..... here
After the planting - September, last year ..... part of this post here

There's still a bit to do 'cos I want to put more containers around and there's also a water feature that needs to be connected up but it's getting there, being completed amidst doing other stuff as well. It's a vast improvement to what we've had for years and it's such a pleasure to wander around.

Thanks for dropping by .....


sheffsue said...

Your garden is certainly looking good....and hopefully you will be ale to enjoy it more when the "teething" problems with your dad have sorted I'm sure they will.

Sue x

Greta said...

Looking good Pam ! x