Friday, 24 July 2009

Experimenting with colouring.

I've decided that I really do need to practise my colouring techniques and I really have no excuse not to, having bought a variety of stamped images back with me from the Crafter's House Party weekend. I've watched experts, picked up tips, asked questions and even been to a workshop so you'd think I'd be pretty confident with what I do but you'd be wrong. I've not really found a medium I'm totally comfortable with so this week I've played and here are a couple of my results. There are good and bad points about both of them and there are some parts in both that I'm more than pleased with. If I can get that going over a whole image I'll have cracked it. I've used 2 medium here. The first is using Prisma colours and sansodor to blend and the second is just cheapie pencil crayons - a pack of 12 colours (so have a very limited selection) that cost me about 50p *LOL* Reckon I need to buy some better quality ones with a greater range of colours and the results could be even better.

Gorjuss - Little Miss Attitude ... so like my youngest grand-daughter - :0)) ... was coloured with Prisma colours using Sansodor to blend them. The tip I was given for using these was to colour the whole image using different shades of the colour and blend them together. I was advised not to expect to be able to drag colour, only blend, so no white should be left uncoloured before starting to blend. Still a way to go with this but I actually like what I've done with the arms and face by way of shading/shaping. The legs aren't bad but the rest needs more practise *LOL* Do you think she's got her shoes on the wrong feet - or, at least a right shoe on her left foot?

Gorjuss - Little Goth Girl ... was coloured with bog-standard cheapie pencil crayons - and it shows however, I like the way the legs have taken shape. There's not much else I like about this one at all but I can see potential if I treated myself to some good quality pencil crayons with a greater range of colour.

Now I need to try the dreaded watercolouring again. I don't want to give up on it so perhaps I need to lower my expectations for now ....
In meantime, I think I should look at getting these finished images onto cards and see how that improves the overall look of them - *LOL*



Jak Heath said...

Way to go Pam, love these, is this a new way to get you to tire enough to sleep, if so keep at it.

Cally said...

Pam these are lovely, well done. I wish I had the patience to do it.

Debs said...

I think you`re being too critical on yourself, they look great, especially the first one.
Yes I think she has her shoes on the wrong feet too lol

My'scardcorner said...

Love them both Pam but especially like the cross legged one:0)