Saturday, 25 July 2009

Today it's - Watercolouring!

I've decided to 'do my own thing' with watercolouring and stop trying to copy other people 'cos it just don't work - well, for me, at least! I'm never happy with my finished result in comparison to what I'm trying to achieve so I've gone back to square one and I'm gonna 'do it myyyyyy wayyyyyyy!!' I'm bearing in mind the many useful tips I've collected 'cos they're still relevant I think. I'm just no longer aiming at a result that looks the same as all the others - no matter how much I like it, which I do. It just doesn't work out for me.

Gorjuss - Just a Girl ... this is my middle grand-daughter :0)) ...and my first result doing it my way and I don't dislike it .... well, I didn't dislike it until I added the gel pen. Should have left well alone as I think I badly need to find a white gel pen (not one that's supposed to be white but comes out cream) and one that shows me it's working on top of whatever colour medium I decide to use 'cos the one(s) I'm using at the mo just don't! They work fine on my skin, on plain paper or card but add something else that they need to work on and they don't like it. I can't see it working then find I've overdone it. It also shows nib marks .... Anyways, as with the other experiments in the post under, there are bits I really like (legs again) and bits I don't but overall reckon I can use it .... and yes, I know I should have let bits dry before I started painting other bits - LOL!

I'm contemplating getting some colouring medium that nobody seems to use at the moment but it used to be the only thing I could use, where colour was involved, and not mess up what I added it to. I'm thinking chalk pastels but in pencil form. I know chalk pastels have a tendency to rub off but I have a picture of crab apples, done in pastels, that I did for my Art exams at school and it's still good ... and that's over 40 years now since it was done (frightening!!) .... I'll keep thinking!



Cally said...

It looks great Pam, well done. Alot better than I could do...

Jak Heath said...

I have to agree about the gel pen but the colouring is fabulous, the white areas on watercolour are done by more dilution of the paint, even a dab with tissue paper while is is still wet, some watercolour will allow you to rewet and dab with tissue even after it has dried out. (Jims tip)

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Looks great to me, well done

Chris xx