Saturday, 4 July 2009

Internet Explorer ...

... error message.

Some peeps, including me, are having problems accessing some blogs - and other sites - if we use Internet Explorer as our browser. I've been having the problem, intermittently, for some weeks now and it is very annoying! I've Googled the error message that comes up (something about Windows not being able to open so the action is being aborted) and it seems that it's been happening for years and over all of the different Windows operating systems so it's not just Vista, which is what I run now. There has been various remedies recommended and I've tried absolutely none of 'em! There are some add-ons that IE doesn't like but only sometimes.

Some bloggers have found that if they take their music play list off it cures the problem for their followers. Others have found it's their 'Friends' list. Basically it isn't any of these - it's silly Internet Explorer not getting it's act together! My remedy (if hitting the 'back' button doesn't work, which it often does)? Download another browser like Google Chrome or Firefox and use that as an alternative for a little while (or permanently if you want to) then go back to IE when it decides it's gonna play right! If it were only blogs affected I'd contact Blogger or whoever but I've had the problem with other sites so it's an 'across the board' problem that IE has and it needs to be sorted! -

Wonder if it's the reason some subscribers unsubscribe "on instruction from their ISP" ..... ???

Thanks for dropping by .....

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