Friday, 3 July 2009

Phew!! ...

... it's been soooooo hot this week! Yesterday hubby went to car and thermometer was showing 39c! OK, it probably wasn't but have to say that it wasn't far off - definitely over 30c and the hottest day by far this year. It's been a nightmare sleeping, let alone doing anything. I can no longer take the heat like I used to as a youngster so I stay out of it as much as possible but have to say I enjoy sitting outside, in the relative coolness of an evening with a good book and sometimes a glass of grape juice, although not this week! The only thing I've been disappointed about is that it's been ideal balloon flying weather and it has been the weather of my dreams for my flight and .... I still can't do it yet 'cos of my darned leg!
The everlasting sunshine, since last week, has caused a problem with the fish pond in that it has now developed 'green water'. Our back garden is completely south facing and there is no shade. Pond is on patio for practical purposes (electrics for pump and filter) and logistics don't allow for us to shade it with planting so looks as though we're gonna have to put up with it - although there is a plan in the offing *hehe* We've done everything recommended by the local aquatic centre but have now decided that, as the fish don't mind, we're going to leave it to sort itself out. It will clear eventually ..... in the meantime an old garden umbrella was bought into play yesterday. Didn't shade the pond completely but better than nowt - *lol*
On Wednesday I noticed the waterlily had a bud coming to the surface. Yesterday it broke the surface and early this morning it was in tight bud. By 9am it had opened and it is beautiful. I had no idea what colour it was going to be as I never planted it but it's the most gorgeous colour pink and here it is at various stages through it's day. It's fast asleep now *LOL*

It's been so hot that we've had thunderflies bothering us - or, to be technically correct .... my lappy's had thunderflies bothering it. Somehow there's been a few that have found their way into - yes that's into - my screen .... under the glass! Started with one crawling around that decided to die and now it's body is stuck. Then another joined it so I've got 2 dead thunderfly bodies staring at me from the screen. It got a bit much when I had 2 dead bodies and 3 crawling around. Don't know where they've gone but they could have taken their buddies bodies with 'em when they went .... NNNNNNNNNNNNnnnnnooooooooooo - just noticed! 3 bodies, not 2! Do so hope they shrivel and drop out of sight!
It's been a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler today, in fact, decidedly chilly in comparison to the last few days but it's been so much more comfortable and the breeze and freshness has been most welcome. I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight 'cos sure haven't had one for a few nights now!

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