Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Quiet couple of ...

...days. Lazy day yesterday and spent a fair bit of time playing on PSP9 (I know it's an old version now but it's good enough to play with). I actually got my Prisma's out as well and coloured a stamped image - a Gorjuss Girl one - and then decided to do another using bog-standard pencil crayons. Didn't dislike the end result of either but I have such limited colours in pencil crayons. Think I need to buy a decent set instead of the set of a dozen, 50p cheapies I was using - *LOL*

Had another bad night last night. Woke around 1:30am and gave in and got up at 2:30am. I actually got my Cuttlebug out and started some prep for a crafty meet that there's gonna be next month in Guildford - organised by Greta. I'm going to be doing a quickie 'show and tell' and am supplying the base of what I'm showing so everyone can make it .... if they want to. Went back to bed around 4:30am and must have nodded off because the next I knew was hubby asking if I wanted a cuppa before he went out. Must have been around 8:30am. Just wish I'd do this sleeping at the right time!

Spent the morning doing more prep but need to go mountaineering again to get more card 'cos I've used what I'd bought down from my work-in-progress craft room and I'm still a fair way short of supplying everyone.

This afternoon I took eldest, nearly 18 year old, grandson to the movies/flicks/pictures whatever you want to call it. We went to see the new Harry Potter movie. We've seen the whole series together since the first film and grandson was a little squid (a bit like Daniel Radcliffe and co)! Had a feeling that he wouldn't want to be seen out with his Nana Pam at his age but he jumped at the chance and this time we went for a meal afterwards. The film was enjoyable but ..... neither of us thought it was as good as previous ones and was really lacking in action in comparison - or perhaps we have come to expect too much from them? Have to say that I hope the last ones will be a bit more dramatic with a lot more action otherwise they will be going out with fizz and not a bang - *LOL* At one point I nearly nodded off - not a good sign, sleepless night or not! Anyway, a lovely afternoon in all.

My eyes are now getting heavy so think I need to finish the cuppa that's sitting on my sidetable, put lappy away (Cuttlebug has been put away having been used again this evening) and wend my way to bed and hope I sleep. Tomorrow is another day and involves a financial assessment with Dad ... oh joy!

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Anonymous said...

Pam,what are you like.You sound just like me,I have to pass my Sons room to get to my craft room.He says he always knows when im haveing a bad night.Pity we dont live closer.
Sue c