Monday, 20 July 2009

Oh Well, I'm ...

... radioactive now! Could set the airport alarms off if I were flying in that time but, as I'm not there's no problem - lol! Wonder if I'll set off store alarms? Not that I visit stores very often so probably won't be in one for the next 6 weeks to worry anyway - *LOL*

I had my Isotope Bone Scan this afternoon, having had the injection to make me radioactive this morning. Have to say that was the worst part of it. There's me expecting a quick jab - like an innoculation - and it was stick needle in and take 10 minutes for a machine to administer the radioactivity! I was a bit of a gibbering wreck by the end of it and even when they told me that the needle was out it didn't help. My mind had taken over by then. Stupid, stupid, stupid phobia but just can't seem to get over it. The scan was full body from top to toe and then my hands were done separately. Can't say it was not thorough - *hehe*

So, that's one down, one to go and I'm really not looking forward to that either! It's the MRI next week so I'm gonna hunt down a eye mask so that, if I do open my eyes whilst in the tunnel, I won't see how close it is around me. I'm thinking a gel mask so I give my eyes some treatment while I'm in there ......?

Spent some of yesterday crafting. It's not something I manage to do much at home, although I'd like to but just not set up right yet so it's pretty much impractical. It made a lovely change and, as I had the house to myself for the day I was able to spread myself around and make as much mess as I wanted without having to worry about how a wheelchair would get around - *lol* One day my craft room will be finished and usable.

Most of my 'creativity' at the moment seems to be happening on the lappy - playing with PSP9 and trying to learn how to use it properly!

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