Monday, 31 August 2009

I knew I ...

... shouldn't have said anything! Was only telling somebody yesterday that I'd been sleeping much better the last couple of nights. In fact I'd been sleeping round to 9am or so (unheard of!) and now look at the time ..... 04:32am! Oh well, I've had a cup of tea (yep, I've been up ½ hour or more already) and I'll give it another ½ hour and try again.

On the way back from the Glitterpot on Wednesday I got grand-daughter to take a photo. It's not in focus, unfortunately but this is the current state of the new football stadium being built just about 3 miles from where I live. We were assured it wouldn't be seen let alone have any impact on the 'area of outstanding natural beauty' it's being built in. Hmmmm! Think they may have got that wrong! How the heck do they reckon that they can hide such a huge monstrosity? This stadium can be seen from all approaches and ..... Ditchling Beacon. Now that makes it a blot on the landscape!

It's supposed to seat 20K when finished but it's also going to be housing part of the college campus as well. They say it's to be a 'community stadium'. Just hope it turns out that way 'cos it's likely to be a total white elephant from the point of view of the football club. Carry on the way they are and we won't have one and certainly not one that will command such a high gate as 20K. Don't think they could muster ½ that number now!

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