Sunday, 30 August 2009

I've been on ...

... my own since Friday morning - *sob!* (not - lol!!!)

Had a chance to start sorting out the study while hubby away and I've done quite well. Just wish I could do more before I have to stop for a break. It's certainly little and often! Can't believe how many empty cardboard boxes I've found. Probably saved them to pack stuff in for the Dogs Trust but doesn't look as though there'll be a lot going there this time. Cardboard boxes all now broken up ready for recycling, cupboards becoming organised and daylight can be seen. Seems months - well, it is months - since I started the mess but now, before I can finish, I need to get a desk and a bit more storage. I'm gonna change the curtains for blinds as well. Will look more streamlined, lighter and more in keeping with a study. Bedroom part is no more so out go the curtains!

I've also Freecycled some bits and, in doing so, met a lovely lady who doesn't live a million miles away and ..... she's a card maker! Now what were the odds on that? Oh yes, and I've managed to update re the makings from Guildford and the Glitterpot workshop on Wednesday.

I'm expecting hubby home soon - although no idea what time to expect him. Just sometime this evening. It's depressing to look outside now. 20:10 and it's dark! We're on the downward slope to winter ...... :0((

Thanks for dropping by .....

Update: Hubby's just phoned - he'll be about 2½ hours. Only just left. Oh well!


Janetvr said...

You have fared better than me - clearing out a no longer required bedroom. Where do you find the enthusiasm? I always seem to find a reason not to do it and end up making a card or playing with paints etc. Must take a leaf out of your book. Best wishes Janet

Sue c said...

Hope all is well with your room,I do start well then find something of that was lost and it all stops.Your Hubby must have been glad to be home Pam.
Take care, Sue