Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I was right ...

... too windy! I'm now officially their jinx and also their record holder of most booked flights and not flown. This one was booking number 15! All the other passengers that had reached 13 or 14 bookings have now flown so I'm the only one left of their long-time, rollover passengers that's still to go. I've now got TWO bookings so if the first doesn't happen I don't have to ring to rebook 'cos I've got one ready on standby. Told them I want an extra glass of bubbly when I finally get to fly. Reckon it should really be a bottle myself but didn't want to be greedy - *LOL*. They tell me that it's all noted for the pilot's info so reckon I may very well have the micheal extracted as well ..... when it eventually happens *hehe*

No bets being taken for the next one - *LOL*

Aqua Detox? Mmmmmmm!! Jury still out on that one. Foot spa with some electric thing in middle sending pulses (not felt) into feet to travel to organs etc and release toxins through the pores ... or something! Very relaxing but could have got the same feeling with feet in bowl of warm water at home - *lol* Not sure what I'm supposed to feel - other than energised (not!) - or how long for but don't actually feel any different at all - *LOL* Just as well it was a 'special offer' and don't think I'll be having another one but me - I'll try anything once *grin*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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