Friday, 28 August 2009

It's Friday ...

... already! Just where has the week gone?

Good news on the Dad front! He did his taster day at the Day Centre and loved it. When I called to see him yesterday he was full of it and he's obviously looking forward to next week 'cos he tells me they're going on a 'pub crawl'. Now that, from my Dad who, apart from a very rare glass of lager is teetotal, is funny! He did say that he supposed they'd expect him to have a glass of lemonade - *LOL*. I think the idea is that they're going to be given a little outing and will be stopping off somewhere for a pub lunch. This week he had lunch and games, quizzes etc and he actually took part by the seem of things. He had one complaint. He was told he wouldn't need any money as it was a 'taster day' for him so he didn't take any but ... they bought bags of sweets round and he couldn't buy one. I've already had to sort out his wallet for next week and it's now sitting with his flat keys so he remembers to take it. It was good to see him so animated - and even the carer remarked on how happy he was when he got back. Now to get him involved with the coffee mornings and groups at the flats and he'll have a social life better than mine - *hehe*

Wednesday saw me at the Glitterpot for a class but it was a kids class. I took Chloe, my eldest grand-daughter, for her first taste of stamping. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and she did better with the watercolour pencils and paint brush than I did. 2 cards each made and a lovely couple of hours spent together. I shopped in the Glitterpot, she shopped in the bead shop next door - *lol*

Thursday - yesterday - should have been my balloon trip but it's now getting boring *yawn*. Mind you, it was different this time! Phoned the flightline as required at the relevant time but instead of it being just my flight cancelled there was a bulk cancellation. Wish I'd phoned earlier 'cos could have filled the rest of my day with errands I've got to do today now but hey-ho, they have the times to call for each respective flight! They'd cancelled yesterday morning, yesterday evening (mine), this morning and this evenings flight as the period was going to be too windy. Never known a bulk cancellation before but I can't be a jinx on all of them - just the ones I'm booked on so .... here's to the next one - *LOL*

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Sue c said...

Pam I am so glad to hear about your Dad.You must feel more settled yourself now.Well the way this wind has been blowing since Thursday im not surprised there was a block cancellation.Glad your Chloe had a good time,maybe she is following her Nan into a life of craft.