Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Long Man of ...

... Wilmington has got a face!! Well, he had one a couple of weeks ago - *lol*! Eldest son and his family and entourage took a picnic out and decided to climb the Long Man - an ancient chalk figure on the Downs north-east of Brighton between Eastbourne and Lewes. Having climbed it myself (in the distant past when sons were nowt but children themselves) I know what a task it is and not one I could do now, even if I wanted to - *LOL* It is an extremely steep hill and very, very high! The children decided it would be fun to give him a face and, as they reached the relevant area while parents were still climbing they formed the features and parents took photo with kids shouting to hurry up 'cos they couldn't hold on much longer. I only got a copy of the photo yesterday and thought it good enough to share ....

Cast of features: -
Chloe: Mouth (appropriate - *LOL*!)
Kieran: Nose
Ben: Long Man's right eye
Abbie: Long Man's left eye
(Ben & Abbie are eldest's girlfriend's youngest children aged 11 & 8)

Chloe was hanging onto to tuft of grass to hold herself in position, with legs splayed to try to stop herself from rolling down the hill. Kieran was on his back, knees up to form nose and able to dig heels in to stop himself sliding while Ben and Abbie only had to crouch so were able to keep balance. Good effect overall though, I reckon!

For more info about the Long Man take a look here.

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