Monday, 26 October 2009

Colouring Workshop - again!

They say the Lord likes a trier so He must luurrve me and Greta 'cos we're very - sorry, that should be 'really' - trying ... LOLOL!! The number of times we've (oops!) I've had instruction in colouring you'd have thought we'd got it by now! I think I have got the pencil colouring, be it Prisma Colors or the UK equivilant, Coloursoft, but it didn't stop me doing another class at The Craft Barn yesterday, hoping to pick up a few more tips that I could work on. Unfortunately my watercolouring is still bad (that's probably an understatement), despite doing another class on that as well.

The morning class wasn't what we expected at all but it was thoroughly enjoyable because it was different! We learnt how to lay down a flat wash, a graduated wash and how to make a sunset background. Now, they could all be very useful but then they're more slap it on and watch it develop. We learnt how to deepen the colours with layers (not extra paint/ink added as I thought - lol!) and we had a go at colouring a traced, stamped image which was interesting although mine was a bit of a disaster however, not as much as the poppy which we won't talk about - LOL!

The afternoon was using Coloursoft pencils and Sansodor. I was hoping to pick up a few more tips on using these but the original tutor couldn't do the class so a substitute was bought in, in the shape of Stamping Caz - lol!! The first thing she did was admit that she had only used these pencils 3 times before but she gave a good demo for those that had never used them so needed to learn from scratch or have basic tips on how to proceed. I enjoyed the class, even if I didn't pick up anything extra on their use. We made a double slider card and a standard DL card using a couple of the Craft Barn's Kadoodle stamps (designed by Sandra Dry who should have been our tutor for this workshop) and a variety of DP. I finished the projects at home and went a bit overboard with my 'distressing'. It's very distressed - LOL! That's the fault of doing it under a side light instead of proper light. Mind you, I don't think it looks too bad ... ????

I did learn a couple of things from this class though. I don't like Coloursoft as much as Prisma Color. They are softer, both in the lead and in the colours and neither do I particularly like the effect of colouring round the edge and dragging the colour in - which can be done providing a very silky, smooth card is used. The slightest texture on the card and forget it! In that instance, colour the whole image lightly with a very pale colour (even if it's white) and build on top of that. I think I've got used to working on 'rough' card and colouring the whole image and now, what I was originally trying to achieve, no longer appeals. I've developed my own style and I've realised that I'm happy with it but I'm still open to trying and adapting anything else along the way. Just wish I could get a handle on watercolouring - lol!



sassy said...

love your work hun....and yes same as need the patience of a saint but worth it but as i say each to their own its whats makes us all unique...and if your happy experiment...if not carry on doing what is good for you ...hugs sassyx

sheffsue said...

You're certainly a whole lot better than me at colouring. If you like the way you colour your images stick with it....after all it is "your" style

Sue x

Only By His Grace said...

Super job on your colouring PeeJay.
Everyone has their own technique and I think we need to go with what we do best. I am just starting to learn to colour and haven't as yet found what I am good at LOL. well they say 'practice makes perfect'
Hugs Marion

Janet said...

Thank you Pam so much for your views on various colouring pencils and techniques. I have yet to take the plunge and buy some really good pencils (still use supermarket ones) and was considering Coloursoft and a few other brands but will go for Prismas now in view of what you have said. You've made the choice easy for me.

Rosietoes said...

I think you have done brilliantly Pam. These cards are gorgeous. Your work is all so inspiring. :)
Edna x

Sandra said...

Wow Pam, these cards look fab. I'm so pleased that the class went ahead as your creations are adorable.
Take care
Sandra x