Saturday, 10 October 2009

Oh my ...!

... am I odd (don't answer that!) but is the world really going crazy or is it me? I think I'm fast becoming a 'grumpy old woman' *LOL*

Babies are now being taught to 'communicate' and yes, I did say babies! Little gurgley babies who can't sit on their own let alone walk, being taught to sign as a form of communication in an attempt to encourage them to talk by a 'communication specialist'! Whatever next?

Why can't babies be babies? They grow so quickly that they're not at the baby stage long and they will talk, in their own time, no matter what and if they're a little slow there's always help available. Personally I think teaching them to sign will only encourage them not to talk. My youngest managed to communicate by sign language long after he should have been talking. He had his own sign language, which the family learnt to understand so, he decided it was easier to sign than to talk. It wasn't that he couldn't talk - he just couldn't be bothered *LOL* Eventually I decided it would be best if everybody ignored his signing to make him talk - and it worked. Once he realised that he had to talk he didn't stop and yes, I did live to regret it as since that day he's suffered from verbal diarohhea, still does and he's now 34 - *LOLOL*!

Then there's the 18 year old who's been jailed for causing death by careless driving while over the alcohol limit. (News report here). Her best friend died and another was seriously injured. I deplore drink driving and think that anyone who kills an innocent third party, whilst under the influence, should have the full weight of the law brought down on them and be charged with murder, manslaughter at the very least. Even if caught under the influence without harming anybody they should lose their licence for good. They know what the consequences could be when they get behind the wheel. I have a real problem with the reasoning behind this conviction though. The victims were all inside the car, presumably as inebriated as the driver but certainly in the car by choice or did she twist their arms? They all have a sentence, one lost her life, another has to live with the result of their injuries and then there's the driver who has to live with what happened but she's also been jailed. I'm not saying she shouldn't have been jailed but I think she should be jailed for the drink driving offence, not the killing or injuries and here's why.

Her friends chose to stay in the car with her knowing that she'd been drinking and were as aware as she was that she should not have been driving. They could have got out and left her to her own devices but they chose to stay. They are equally to blame for their predicament as far as I can see. They had a choice, as did she. They made their choice - it wasn't forced on them - and it seems that they were hooning around behind her, causing a distraction. I'm sure there are plenty who wouldn't agree but it's so easy nowadays to blame others for things that are totally within your own control. Nobody seems to want to accept responsibility for themselves any more and I think that's sad.

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Janetvr said...

Totally agree with you Pam. Everyone tells you about their RIGHTS but no-one wants the RESPONSIBILITY that goes hand in hand with them. Well done! Janet