Sunday, 11 October 2009

Every once in ...

... a while something happens that makes you realise that life is not a 'given'. Nobody knows what the future holds in 5 minutes time, tomorrow ... however long! There is a report in the news today which has brought it home - a reminder, if you like.

The death of a young man with the world at his feet. This young man was younger than my youngest son and he died completely unexpectedly and suddenly after a night out. Went to bed, went to sleep but never woke up. He was a member of a British 'boy band' (how I hate that tag - they're not boys and they don't play instruments so they're not a band) .... Stephen Gately, of Boyzone.

I'm sure a PM will identify the reason for his death but, as far as is known right now, there was none. It was very sad when Patrick Swayze died a couple of months ago but he'd been ill for a while, fighting cancer and it was pretty certain that he wasn't going to live long once diagnosed. He was a little younger than me and I was an huge fan.

Rest in peace Stephen ... and Patrick.

The rest of us should live for the moment because we just don't know what's round the corner!

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Cally said...

Pam - my sentiments exactly - live for the day cause tomorrow may never come!!

My'scardcorner said...

Yes that is so true Pam alot of us tend to forget life really is a privelidge and we should enjoy it while we can. I just hope that the young man had a great time on his night out before he went to bed not to wake up.Ive just lost a close friend and boy was she a fighter but it wasnt to be and she had no pleasure being retired. Food for thought

Pamela said...

Couldn't have put it better myself Pam. Life is a gift so live it to the full.
Pam x.