Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Update to post under ...

... You might like to pop over to Jak's blog - Crafter's Kitchen - and get the latest update on the fundraising that these lovely digi images have resulted in. Superb result so far but it could be better *LOL*. I've had the calculator out and .....

..... it shows that there are at least 250 people out there that really care about this cause.

Now, Jak has 555 followers showing on her blog sidebar and, if every one had bought a set she would have raised £2,220. Then, if every one of her 634 Feeblitz follwers had done the same that would have added another £2,536 added to the pot. Then there's her Google Reader subscribers and any other form of subscriber so ...... realistically £5,000 isn't out of reach as a target.

I know that the £1000 is waaaaayyyy more than she ever thought she'd get but .... COME ON PEOPLE ... get buying/donating and make that £5,000 a reality!


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