Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Will it ever stop? I can't recall the last time we had so much rain for such a prolonged period of time. We get brief respites with some sun - as we have today - but they have been few and far between and the rain is battering the window yet again! It seems to be blowing a permanent gale at the same time, which doesn't help. Some areas of the country have been having an horrendous time of it. I'm so lucky where I live. I've had to empty some of the water out of the fish pond as it was in danger of overflowing. I dropped the level by around 6 inches on Saturday and I've got to do it again soon. Unbelievable!!

What else is unbelievable is Dad. Last week the flats lost the digi signal for all the TVs. The day I was there they were hoping to get it back up and running again. I assumed that they would sort Dad out knowing that he could only see one channel (just) until it was repaired. I called to see him yesterday and he was still watching that same one channel. He'd been complaining that he was bored and was missing his favourite programmes and they'd noted the fact as well. He told me that it still wasn't working properly but the picture he had on this one channel was so much more watchable I couldn't believe it. Got his remote and pushed the digital button on it and, hey presto - there were his programmes. I flicked back to the analogue side he'd been watching and he could have seen the terrestial channels had he thought to try changing channel! Nobody had thought to do what I did for him so, for the past week since the signal was repaired, he's been sitting watching a channel he doesn't like because nobody thought to change it from analogue to digital and he never thought to try changing channel to see what would happen! It is easier for me now that I don't have the twice a day call and all the household stuff to do but there are different concerns now like this and also his shopping, which they do but why would they buy a 2 person meal for an senior citizen who finds a single serving meal a blowout? If they're not doing that they're buying 'snack' size. What's difficult about buying a 'serves one'?

Drawing up his shopping list is a nightmare - it's more instruction than items to buy! I've started getting him bits in our shopping and carting it over to him but he's not got the freezer storage he used to have so I can't buy bulk any more. His shopping has to be done weekly because of the restricted refrigeration he's now got.

I'm beginning to feel that my left arm is a pin cushion. A week or so ago I had my seasonal flu jab. Friday afternoon I had the swine flu one. Wasn't looking forward to that as nurse had told me it gave a painful arm for a few days - more so than the seasonal flu one. Anyway, I bit the bullet and off I went to the conveyor belt of the 'walk-in' clinic. Booked in, "join that queue and get your left arm ready while you're waiting" Hmmmm - I think not, as was wearing a pully and to do so would have meant exposing myself to a waiting room full of strangers *LOL* One out, one in and while nurse prepped my jab I slipped my arm out of sleeve, jabbed, done and out again ... next one in. I started to feel 'the pain' that evening but it was no worse than the seasonal and, in all honesty, the pain never became more than an ache. The only difference I found was that the seasonal was only bothersome if pressure was bought to bear on it for a few days and with this one I felt it all day on Saturday without any pressure but it was worse with. Sunday it started to ease and Sunday night I was able to lie on it to sleep. In all, less bother than the seasonal.

Today I've been to the surgery again ... for a visit with Dracula. A proper Dracula this time, not her apprentice. Mind you, she got it first time with no problem other than it had to be my left arm again as right wouldn't even present a vein!

Now I've got to arrange for a Yellow Fever innoculation and I've the other 'travellers' ones to have on 14th December - *JOY!* .... not! - but come February I'll be enjoying the benefits of those ones!

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