Friday, 18 December 2009

It's been an age ...

..well, over 2 weeks but I'm not in hibernation! I've been busy and not felt like blogging when I've had time to relax. Even 'Bits' went by the board for a while but have caught up with that at last *phew!*  Today is a bonus day as what I'd planned hasn't happened.  We had snow overnight and early this morning and, although the main roads were passable this morning (with care) our road wasn't and I couldn't get the car out.  In fact, I didn't even try to move it when I saw the conditions.  Very, very pretty (well, it was when it was all virgin snow) but wish it had waited until next week.  Don't think we'll be having a white Christmas as it's arrived too early.  It'll probably all be gone by this time next week!

Unfortunately the weather has meant that hubby hasn't gone to hospital to have the op on his hand.  I feel so, so sorry for him.  He is in excruciating pain with it and was looking forward to going to get it sorted out.  Now he's going to have to wait until they get another space, which is unlikely to be this side of Christmas :o(  He's considered priority because of being a wheelie and needing his hands for his mobility.  He's actually housebound and has been for some while now and all because he can't transfer from his chair to a car any more as the pain is so great.

I've plenty of 'catch up' to do, including the imag-e-nation SE Christmas meet - with piccies (still got to sort them *doh!*) - but reckon I need to consult the calendar to remind me of what's happened and what I've been doing.

In meantime I've updated my profile photo - taken today, by me, with camera at arms length! First time I've tried that - OK, so I'm waaaaayyyyyyyy behind on that one *lol* - but it seems to have worked OK. I just snapped until I got one I was reasonably happy with. Never totally happy with pics of me now and usually go out of my way to avoid having them taken, 'cos I don't recognise the person that I see. It's not the person I see in my head, which is about 30 years younger and half the size *hehe!*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Rae said...

Hi Pam,
Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas.