Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Let it snow ...

... or not! Not any more pleeeeaase. This is the second lot we've had this winter and this one snowed us in from last Wednesday until yesterday. Wouldn't have got car out without neighbourly help yesterday though. It's reduced a bit more today but it is colder than yesterday so the thaw is extremely slow. Very pretty but you can have too much of a good thing!

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The 'warming pasta dish' was salmon & leek in a creamy dill & lemon sauce on a bed of pasta with loadsa really strong cheddar grated over .... delish!
The 'craft room' is still a store room so guess it would be more accurate to call it that or my proposed craft room. I did take a pic of it as I left it but will not be posting that on here - *lol*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Lily Robinson said...

I'm loving our snow, but it's too cold to enjoy it. Frostbite is not something I'm fond of!