Saturday, 6 February 2010

At last ...

... third time lucky and hubby's had his op. Turned out to be worse than first thought and the joint 'was totally shot' in the words of the surgeon! He had to do so much work on it that the left thumb is going to be somewhat shorter than it was. His hand is now encased in plaster going nearly up to his elbow. He's also in severe pain and the painkillers they've given him have made him nauseous. He's not being allowed out of hospital until Monday so he's got a weekend being completely waited on and I've got one where I can do things that are difficult when he's around because of taking up space - like more sorting of the study and craft stuff.

I did get his birthday card made yesterday, so that was a bonus and I'm pleased with it. Can see where I could have done better now but it's too late to do anything about it but hey, he'll like it anyway. Well, I hope he does. I've made the 'sentiment' a little cheeky - some might not think it appropriate - but he will .... as do I - *lol* I'll post it when I'm back from my holiday. Can't do it before 'cos his birthday is while I'm away and he might see it before the day!

Hadn't been back long from the hospital when there was a phone call from youngest. Emma, middle g-daughter, broke her arm/wrist this afternoon. They were waiting for her to be plastered before bringing her home. Seems it's a bad break and had she been an adult it would have been operated on. Bless her! Which arm? Her left, to match Grandpa's, so they can compare plasters together when he's out of hospital. She wants a pink one. Pretty sure Paul will be happy with white *LOL*

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Sue said...

Pam,your life is never quiet.Sorry about your Granddaughter.I saw the front of your husbands card,its very good,im sure he will like it.
Sue c