Thursday, 4 February 2010

I've finally plucked ...

  ... up the courage and rang the hospital to book my impaired glucose test. Yep, that's the test I was told I needed wayyyyy before Christmas. Well, doc said there was no urgency *LOL* Nice man on t'other end of phone told me that there would be a bit of a delay and the earliest they could fit me in was 15th February. With grin on face I told him couldn't do it and it would have to be March 'cos me will be away on my fantabulous exotic holiday with good friend Jackie! Not such good news, although he said he'd be kind, I'm going to have it 2 days after we return. Hopefully I will be so chilled from the holiday that 2 needle sticks in one day won't bother me .... yeah, right! It's something else to look forward to. 12 hour fast, needle stick, glucose drink, 2 hour fast and another needle stick .... what joy! At least I've got an early appointment, being so far ahead, and I should be home and drinking a cuppa by mid-morning.
 Hubby has had his phone call from the hospital and it's all systems go for his op tomorrow. Just hoping he doesn't go down with some bug or other overnight. Told him to stop breathing then he can't catch anything! He wasn't keen on that idea. Can't think why. Got to make the most of him being away for the day (although it looks as though he's late on list so will probably be an overnighter) and get his birthday card made. It's the least I can do as I'm now away for his birthday. Have a plan for it but whether it comes together or not remains to be seen. He's already had his pressie although he's not set it up yet. Or rather, I've not set it up for him although he's unlikely to be able to use the controls until his hand is healed. He wanted a PS3 so that's what he's had. Guess I'll be setting it up when I get back from hols so he'll just have to make do with his PS2 in meantime if he finds he can use the controls.
 Kieran (eldest grandson) is at stage 2 of his Army application. Having had his initial interview last week, to chat about the jobs available and what he'd like to do, his application has gone in for the Royal Logistic Corps. He now has to wait. No idea how long and not sure he knows. Trying to get information out of him is like extracting teeth *LOL*

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pam......I would just like to send my very best wishes to your Hubby for his op.................. I hope all goes well for and wish him a speedy recovery.

Jackie p xx