Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Lovely surprise ...

... yesterday. I was sitting having a cuppa when the doorbell rang. I went and answered it and there, on the doorstep, was a really nice man with a big black box. The box had gold writing on and it was addressed to me. Now, I wasn't expecting anything by way of online purchases to be delivered (well, not yet anyway *LOL*) then I noticed it was from Interflora.

Totally lost now! Who was sending me flowers? Hubby looked as flummoxed as me so I knew it wasn't him. It was my birthday last Friday so I assumed it might relate to that so, being very careful I started to open the box. It was a plant and container and there was no way this plant, or container, was going to be damaged in transit through being poorly packaged *lol*. There was tissue and bubble wrap and it was all held securely in the centre of the box by a cardboard cuff.

Carefully taking everything out, unwrapping and then putting it back together, there it was in all it's glory. A beautiful jasmine plant. I'm now crossing fingers that it doesn't die on me before the buds open. I don't have a good track record with plant survival :0{

Who was it from? My dear friend Jak and her family. It's beautiful and I love it but most of all I love the fact that they thought to send it when they really had no need to and .... there's a bonus! All that gold tissue. It's found it's way into my craft stash. I have ideas for that *LOLOL*!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Sue said...

What a lovely surprise,its nice when things like that happen.Have a little faith Pam,would your friend send you a wimp of a plant lol.Enjoy.
Sue c