Thursday, 11 March 2010

Normal and ...

... ordinary, back down to earth, life is starting to kick in properly now. I've already had my impaired glucose tolerance blood tests since I've been back ... the 2 blood tests within a couple of hours after fasting for 12 hours! Wasn't as bad as I was expecting, bearing in mind my needle phobia and history of aborted blood tests 'cos they can't find the vein. This time I had a nice Dracula who took one look at each arm and decided that my hand was the best option. Sooo much easier, no histrionics involved because of failed attempts and all taken and finished in a civilised way. I've had bloods taken from my hand once before and I've tried getting the surgery to do it this way since - because it was so much easier - but they won't for some reason only they know. I will be trying to get it done that way again though!

I've visited Dad and sorted out the worries he's built up (un-necessarily) over the past 3+ weeks and I've made an appointment with the dentist. A loose tooth I had for some time before I went away (with no problems) started to play up occasionally while I was away and it's flared up again today. I've resolved to have all my teeth sorted out as I've a broken one as well - which isn't a problem and hasn't been since it broke a couple of years ago - but it should be dealt with, I guess, so if I've got to have a needle for one they may as well deal with 2 at the same time.

Got to make some appointments for Dad now and pay a few bills for him and he'll be straight. I've still to unpack my case and get that sorted but at the moment I'm so tired! Think my body is trying to catch up with all the sleep I didn't have while away. I didn't have one decent night because of the heat and the amount of water and fluids I drank throughout the day. At least I'm sleeping well now - well, at the moment, at least *LOL*

Sadly we also lost a very dear friend while I was away but hubby kept that news from me until I got home. By then the funeral had taken place as he died the day after hubby's birthday. Totally avoidable death had nursing staff supervised properly and it's now the subject of investigation. Unfortunately it won't bring him back and a 54 year old, gentle, kind, funny and generous man is no longer with us.

I'm prepping photos for the next instalment of the holiday so ... watch this space *LOL*

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Cally said...

Glad your blood test went well Pam. Can't wait to see you on Tuesday to catch up.. Take care xx