Thursday, 29 April 2010

A cry for help!

I'm asking for help - please, pretty please ☺ - from anybody who follows/reads my blog and lives in either the USA or Canada and has contact with a Stampin' Up demonstrator there. You can guess what's coming - *LOL* Yep, I'm after something that's in your catalogue and not in our measly UK one! If there's anybody who's willing to help me can you contact me please (email link is on the About Me tab at top of blog) and I'll let you know what it is I'm wanting *grin*

Just to let everybody know that I'm sorted now, thank you ... and thanks to everyone who has offered help.  I always knew crafters were a great bunch and you haven't done anything to change my opinion - in fact, you've confirmed it *LOL*



Jackie said...

blast, that will teach me not to keep up with blog reading !!!!!! ... I needed a punch from the US SU catalogue.. you know the one ! lol... grrrr...
xxxx glad you sorted now xx

Kimbo said...

Glad you're sorted Pam. I haven't dare look at the US catalogue as I know I'd want so much!