Friday, 9 April 2010

Lovely day ...

... out yesterday.

When youngest son knew that Grandad wanted to go to Drusillas with the littlies he suggested we went one day this week, subject to weather. He was having some time off and they'd intended going anyway. The day was duly agreed and the weather played ball. Beautiful day, the best this year. Sunny, warm - a proper spring day! It was also the 2nd anniversary of Mum's passing and it seemed right to go and do something that she would've enjoyed. Not sure Dad was aware of the date and we didn't remind him but, he did enjoy himself ... we think *lol*. It's difficult to tell with him as he doesn't show, or articulate, much emotion. If I hear from the carers that he was exceptionally chatty then I shall know for sure he did *lol*!

The oldest and youngest members of my family - Dad & Zac.

Dad and the littlie girlies - Emma & Amy

Dad and my youngest, Wayne - with my daughter-in-law Claire, in background with Zac

Just a small selection of some of the animals we saw ...
Gibbons - Mum, Dad & youngster


... and this activity seems to be following me this year.  Not lions this time but ...
Yellow Mongoose!

On my way home through Ovingdean, having dropped Dad back at his flat, I had to stop and take a photo to prove that Spring had arrived.  Daffodils growing wild ... by the side of the road ..  with a tree just starting to break leaf bud.

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