Monday, 26 April 2010

Lovely weekend ...

... quite busy and thoroughly enjoyed it. Started with a trip out to the Dogs Trust at Shoreham to leave some bits for their shop. Arrived as some of the volunteer dog walkers were returning their charges. Oh dear, so nearly came away with an appointment to take hubby Paul out for one specific little pooch. 6 months old bitsa who looked just like our old girl did but a quarter of her size. She wasn't big by any means but this one was about the size of a Jack Russell (could have been crossed with one I guess) and she was sooo friendly. I had to stop to make a fuss of her but had to put hard heart on and walk away. So difficult but our life at the moment just wouldn't allow for a little addition. I wish I could walk as I used to 'cos I'd join the ranks of the volunteers but there's no way I could do it.

Left there and made my way to pick up my good friend  Cally as we were booked for an afternoon of crafting at the Glitterpot, with Jane Gill. Just sorry we couldn't get in on morning class but saw what they did and took photos so can play at a later date. It's been a while since I did a class with Jane and I thoroughly enjoyed it, as well as seeing others I'd not seen for a long time.  The retirees group of the job I retired from 4 years ago asked for us to take a photo that represented a day in our life on Saturday.  This is the photo I took to send in ... in the process of putting my card together at the workshop.

Yesterday afternoon I was babysitting (although Amy apparently objects having it called babysitting 'cos she's not a baby - bless!). Emma had a dance show to perform in so I had Zac and Amy while Mum and Dad went to watch and support. By the time they got home both of the youngsters were in bed and fast asleep, both having gone just before 6pm. They'd played and eaten so much there was no argument when it came time to turn in *hehe*. Emma came home in one of her dance dresses, full make-up and hair gelled to the max! Shower before bed methinks which meant that she actually had a late night and they were home just after 7 - *LOL* This is one family that keeps decent bed times for the children.

This morning, postie arrived with a note saying I owed the Royal Mail £14.33! Damnation! Customs! I'd been caught! Not usual but it does happen sometimes and it could have been a lot worse. I'd ordered goods totalling $110 from the US but the retailer had put the value as $54, so saving me the duty - well VAT - on $56. VAT charge £6.33, handling fee £8 (that's the one that bugs me). The goods were still a bargain. I'd bought them reduced, saving $330 on original prices, so reckon an additional £15 to pay was peanuts! Now need to find the time, or more, the reason to use them. 3 sets of alphabet dies!

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