Monday, 26 April 2010

Aaaarrghhhhhhhh! ...

  ... politics! We're in the middle of a General Election Campaign and if I hear one more time Tony Blair was elected Prime Minister, not Gordon Brown, I'm gonna scream!  We don't elect a Prime Minister.  We elect a Party ... or that's what we should be doing!

Personally, when I vote, I vote for a Party and their manifesto and therefore the candidate for that party in my constituency. I've never actually seen a ballot paper with the name of Tony Blair on it (or any past Party leader of whatever persuasion) and I can guarantee that neither have the majority of the population! It's only the people in Blair's constituency that voted for him to be their MP and, because he happened to be the leader of the Party at the time, he became Prime Minister. The electorate gave the mandate to the Party- via their local MP - to act on their behalf therefore, when Tony Blair resigned his position it was up to Party to act on our behalf and bring in a new leader from the sitting MPs in the Party and we got ... for good or bad .... Gordon Brown. 

Now, I'm not saying that Labour would have won the last election had Gordon Brown been leader at that time but .... we don't elect a specific person into the position of Prime Minister. We vote for a representative of our chosen Party. The Party with the most elected MPs wins and whoever is the Party leader becomes the Prime Minister. If the Party leader changes mid-term we get a new PM and we, the electorate, have to rely on the relevant Party to make the choice for us. We do not, and never have, voted for a Prime Minister!

*LOL* Anyone would think I was a political animal but nothing could be further from the truth.   I find most of it quite boring however, when I keep hearing people say they never voted for Gordon Brown I'd say, you're right, you didn't. His constituents did, as their Labour candidate and hence, MP, just as Tony Blair's constituents did for him so where's the difference ... apart from Gordon Brown not being the Party leader at that time?  If I was voting for a personality I probably wouldn't vote at all - *LOL*

Off soapbox now ... *grin*

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