Saturday, 17 April 2010

Lovely ...

... sunny, spring day. Can't believe there's all this volcanic ash up there that's closed our airways down! No flights in or out of the UK for the past 2 days and now not likely to be any for a good few days the way things are going. All flights are cancelled until at least 1am tomorrow but that will probably be extended - even into the middle of next week or further. They're looking at it every few hours but the cloud isn't moving very fast and the Icelandic volcano is still belching out it's contents so is just adding to it all the time. Pretty historic event really as it's never been known before here - and there's a total of 23 countries affected! I feel for those people that have had their plans disrupted and for those stranded overseas but it's out of everyone's control. Mother Nature will always win in the end, no matter what us mere mortals do!

Some of the dust is finding it's way to earth, although not in this area yet. May have to be careful as they're giving warnings out for anybody with breathing problems. Certainly don't want to excerbate those that I already have - *lol*!

Found out, and not from the right people, that there was a fire at Dad's flats Thursday evening.  6 fire appliances and a ladder were called and one person had to be 'rescued'.  Seems it broke out on the 2nd floor - Dad's flat is on the ground floor - but the reason isn't known.  Guess there's nothing to worry about as I've still heard nothing from them.  It'll give Dad something to talk about when I see him on Tuesday - if he was even aware of what was going on!  If he was he'll be quite excited, being an ex-firefighter himself ... *grin  *

Update: 19:57 ..... Seems fire was worse than I thought, although confined to the flat it started in. The person that had to be 'rescued' sadly died from his burns later that evening. They still don't know how it started but it was in the bedroom.

Had a shopping trip yesterday, to the new Range that opened in Worthing. Great craft section so a bit of shopping was done. Had a bonus in that if you spent £50 or more you got £10 off the bill and .... they were giving out small packets of Haribo Star Mix! I love Haribo sweets and I love £10's off and it certainly wasn't difficult to spend over £50 *LOL*

I've started a slideshow to summarise the Fundu Lagoon part of the holiday - similar to the one I did for the safari part. I'm hoping, by the time it's done and with the others, I shall be able to put them onto DVD and then play them via the DVD player connected to the TV. Might work, might not but won't know without trying! I've had thoughts to improve them so may still play for a while before I finalise it all. Thought it would make a nice 'keeping' souvenir.  They take a while to get together but when this part is done I'll upload it to YouTube and publish it here ... as I've done with the others.

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Lily Robinson said...

All these naturally disasters, occurring one after another, makes one wonder what's coming next.

Rae said...

The volcano and all that ash just goes to show how helpless we are at the hands of mother nature. As hard as we try, we can't tame her or control her. There are a lot people sitting around airport terminals that can testify to that. I sure hope things get better soon for all of those that are stranded.