Friday, 3 December 2010


You wouldn't believe it! Can't remember the last time we've had this weather this early in the winter season, except it's not winter yet ... well, not officially! In fact, it's not usual we have it at all.  We started the year with it and looks as though we're gonna end the year the same way.

The majority of the country has been hit with really heavy snowfall. The north and Scotland got dumped on last week and are still getting dumped on. We, in the south, got a share this week. Eldest son (who's 38 today - happy birthday son - lol!) got it a little earlier than us, he being treated over last weekend. Ours arrived on Tuesday. Not enough to worry us too much but that all changed Wednesday and Thursday. Fortunately Tuesday was MRI day for Paul and we managed to get there. We may have got there OK on Wednesday but had it been yesterday, well - no way José! Well and truly stuck and so much so I had to cancel a doctor's appointment I had for today. Couldn't get there. Seems main roads are now clear and passable but side roads are dangerous and I couldn't get car out of drive to find out.

Wednesday 1st December, just before midnight.

Thursday 2nd December, just after 9am and it carried on snowing!

Today there's been a bit of a thaw. Looks as though I'll be able to get out tomorrow but not because of the thaw as it's still deep in places. It's because hubby has been out and he's cleared ....
  • the double ramp at back of bungalow to his car hardstanding, on his own.
  • the front of the bungalow (including round my car), with the help of a neighbour.
  • the snow off of my car (including the roof - lol!), on his own.
He carried on and cleared all down the drive, which is the whole side of our bungalow, and some, and on a steep slope.  He then cleared the snow off of his own car .... a big 4x4 Volvo estate.

We don't have a shovel so he used a big bass broom and a large bucket (soft broom for the cars) I started off trying to help but had to give up as lungs wouldn't allow me to so I've been on tea/soup/food duty.

It must have taken him about 5 hours and he didn't come back into the house in all that time. It's a big area and even bigger when you consider he's nearly 71, has a hand that is need of another op and he suffers with it.  Is in permanent pain with his back, just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and .... is in a wheelchair! He puts me to shame when I'm more physically able.

Hubby in action on the bottom section of the ramp having cleared from the patio doors, across the patio and to the bottom of the first section ....

... and here's some pretty ones. 
I loved the lone track in the virgin snow, which was sparkling.

 Then I saw a magpie in our neighbour's garden so the zoom came into use. Not as clear as I would have liked but then the bird was quite a distance away.

Top up shop needed tomorrow, if we're not dumped on again ... hmmmm ... and a snow shovel, methinks - lol!
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Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Pee Jay, Nice to meet you! Looks like you have some wonderful white snow..we do too..I hate it. Your cards on your other blog are lovely! I hope your husband does OK with that hormone therapy..maybe he will take over all the cooking and cleaning! :)

Budge said...

Pam Paul did so well in clearing all that snow. Sorry to hear your chest is so bad.
It is great to come and read your blog again missed it.
Thinking of you both.
Sylv xxx