Monday, 7 February 2011

Punch storage.

A work in progress - *LOL*  I started this job middle of last year.  It got interrupted and hasn't been finished  .... yet!  

I have a plethora of punches having bought Susan Tierney Cockburn's book on floral craft with punches - Paper Bouquet.  I already had a good collection of Leone Em punches but I went through Susan's book and the Punch Bunch catalogue and bought every punch I didn't have so that I could make every flower in the book.  These, on top of all the other punches I have, border, corner and so on and so forth.  I needed a way of finding a particular punch easily rather than just having them all thrown in very deep drawers and this is what I came up with.  I also needed to be able to find the punch by name, hence the labels on the punches.  I have another box load of this type of punch to deal with (thinking cap is on for the Martha's and odd shaped punches).  I plan to number each drawer, punch a shape with each punch, stick the shape in a notebook, name it and then write the drawer number next to it, in much the same way that I numbered and catalogued my unmounted and clear stamps.

The small/medium/large punches sit in these drawers neatly in 2 layers but only with the help of plastic peel-off boxes used as trays. The base and lid of the peel-off box sit next to each other perfectly.

The giant, large punches fit more in by sitting them on their sides, rather than flat, which wastes space as there's not enough room for another layer above them and not so many fit in the drawer.  (Still need to label some of these - oops!)

I should say that these plastic drawers (purchased from my local Wilkinsons store) actually take A4 paper/card ideally and I have several sets bought  just for that purpose - as this set was originally.  You may be able to make out that the top drawer of this unit is holding some A4 cardstock - but not for long!  



Cally said...

Excellent idea Pam..may be using that in the future as mine are all in a deep drawer at the moment and haven't a clue what I have or have not got...

Nicky said...

Wow that is some serious amount of punches - is there were I admit that I do not own even one lol - great storage thought