Monday, 7 February 2011

I've been going ...

... back over older posts from last year and seems I've a way to go on the catch up front!  It looks as though I've missed some salient points along the way and only giving half a story on others.  There are bits that have been overlooked completely in the mists of time ... like the entire week in Spain with my crafty mates (that was definitely a week that needs to go on record - *lol*) and a long weekend in Appleby Magna on the 2nd Crafter's House Party weekend.

There's been a brief mention of our Silver Wedding weekend but little in the way of photos from the island - and it's a beautiful, time-warp of an island.

Quicky, quicky catch ups - not including the events mentioned above ....
Back in June I was saying how I'd felt bad in May with what I thought might be pneumonia.  First doc I consulted prescribed antacids without seeing me, which I didn't take but over the weekend the pain eased.  Unfortunately the pain came back ... with a vengeance!  This time I managed to get a face to face appointment with one of the female docs at out practice and she diagnosed pleuratic pain!  Meds issued with instruction that if it didn't ease in a couple of days I was to return.  Fortunately it did ease.  Meds did their job and thankfully I've not suffered the same since.

We're still waiting for Dad's appointment with the specialist Orthopaedic Unit to arrive however, I'm not holding breath!  Reason?  Consultant he saw thinks his knees may be too far gone to actually do anything with and he's also not sure that Dad's mental capabilities are good enough to retain the detailed instruction he'll need to to make the surgery anywhere near viable for him.  In other words, if he can't, or doesn't, do as instructed once they're done the op would be a waste of time.

From that point of view I'm not hopeful.  He still thinks his hearing aids are connected to the TV and the microwave.  His son is now called 'whatisname' and I'm his Mum ... apparently ... but ask him about his Fire Service career and the time he spent in the Army during the WWII and he can tell you stories as clear as anything.  Bless him.  Drives me up the wall but he seems happy in his own little world - as long as he's got something to worry about *LOL*

I had my annual lung function assessment early in January and that wasn't particularly good news.  I felt that my breathing had got worse and so it proved to be.  Inhaler dose has been doubled and it does seem to have helped a bit.  I can do a little more before I struggle for breath than I could do but it's still not as much as I'd like.  Still, I guess it's as well I'm not smoking any more as it would be a lot worse.

Phlebotomist called today to take hubby's bloods to check his PSA levels after the first bout of hormone treatment.  These results will tell us how well that is working.  We won't know the results until he sees the Oncologist on 24th March but he will be having another MRI before then so she will have the results from that as well.  5 months after the initial diagnosis we should have some idea of how the treatment is working.

Think that's pretty much caught up (I'll have to check through blog and memory *grin*) except for the 'breaks' .. and Christmas. 

Thanks for dropping by .....

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