Thursday, 3 February 2011

Still failing but ...

... it's been another busy week!  It's also been a very lucky one so far and today is the 6th anniversary of the day I stopped smoking!

As the last post says it was my 60th birthday on Sunday. We've never made a big thing of birthdays and this one was going to be no different. We couldn't go out for a meal because of Paul's hand being as it is. He's not allowed to use it any more than he has to and getting in and out of cars is an impossibility so, stay at home we did. All the family called at some point throughout the day bringing gifts, cards, a few laughs and total mayhem *LOL* 

I had a lot of cards, including a fair few from crafty friends and I'm posting a few of those daily over on my crafty blog.

I was spoilt with presents.  Chocolates, vouchers, CD, MP3 player, smellies and flowers.

Hubby bought me a Kindle.  Don't yer just like his gift wrapping - *lol*  Mind you, it's better than I was expecting 'cos until the day before it was still in the Amazon box it was delivered in ☺  He spoilt my photo opportunity as I was sure that's how it was going to be given to me *hehe*

I was given a beautiful little owl ornament from the littlies and their Mum & Dad ... just love it! Look at the detail.  Amazing.

That was Sunday and it's continued .....

Thanks for dropping by .....

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