Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bubble Butterflies Workshop - part 2!

The 2nd card we made I absolutely loved!

We used the large, single Woodware Bubble Butterfly stamp.  This is a very large stamp and would make a definite statement on a large square or A5 card.  

This one was stamped onto black shrink plastic with white Stazon, cut out  and heated until it had shrunk.  While still warm (I would say it was blooming hot) the wings were raised and held until the plastic had gone hard ... to give it some dimension.  I should add here that, before heating, the cut out shape was heavily doused with a stamp buddy (or talc would do) to help prevent the plastic sticking to itself as it curls through the heating process.  The powder was cleaned off with a baby wipe before gems/pearls/Stickles and Liquid Pearls were applied to decorate.  A large statement flower was made using various sizes of scalloped circles (I've seen tutorials for this type of flower in blogland but can't remember where so can't post a link but ..... if there's enough interest I might do one).  Stamped Hero Arts greeting onto a rectangle, matted with toning paper/card to the background papers (BoBunny in this instance), a border punch (this one was one of the new Woodware Crafty Edger - foolproof for matching the pattern) a bit of ribbon and done!  I fixed the butterfly with a blob of Pinflair gel but a sticky dot would work as well.     

One tip - if using Stickles, Liquid Pearls and the like .... allow each different product/colour to dry before adding another as they tend to run slightly, as can be seen on mine if looked at closely enough.

There were several variations of this card across the ladies in the workshop as not all added the butterfly to their flower.  It depended on how the rest of the card came together as to where the butterfly was placed but, without exception, all the cards were stunning.  Everyone's colour selections worked (we chose our own) as did their layouts.

Thanks Jane, for making us think for ourselves instead of having it handed on a plate!

Photos are not good as light was bad when taken.  The top of the card was actually a browny colour, not green

Dad day yesterday and, oh dear!  He seems to be getting worse mentally. Last week he started to ask me about what he had to do with his hearing aids when he went to bed. Went through the routine with him, a routine he's been doing for at least 10 years and what happens this week? The whole visit was taken up with the same thing.  Somehow he's managed to forget the routine or he's started thinking about it without doing it on auto-pilot and he's confused himself. He wasn't even wearing them yesterday and, when asked, he told me he'd not been wearing them for a 'couple of days' which could actually mean since my last visit. He has no concept of time. One had run out of battery but it seems he's now stopped asking the carers to change them for him as well. I told him he can't wait for me. If I'm ill he could be without them for weeks and nobody wants to hear his TV blaring out as it was yesterday - *lol* I've left a note for the carers to check he deals with the aids correctly at night .....  

There's other signs of deterioration as well. He gets so cross as he's aware that he's getting worse. He has trouble explaining things. He knows what he wants to say but the words aren't there. Lack of socialising doesn't help but he seems to think he's very busy. I'm fast coming to the conclusion that he's living his life in his head and that is his reality. Anything outside of his head is becoming increasingly difficult for him and that includes talking and conversing. It's scarey that it could be me in a few years.

Thanks for dropping by .....

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My'scardcorner said...

Lovely card Pam the flower and the butterfly are just fab..Sorry to hear about your Dad Im afraid getting old has its problems some not nice. Take care.