Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bubble Butterflies Workshop - part 1!

But first -
Had another busy day, for me, yesterday.  Got the last 2 kitchen cupboards sorted while hubby was having his post op appointment with the surgeon, followed by an appointment with the hand therapist.  Found plenty more rubbish which will be finding it's way, either to the dogs home shop (might be rubbish to us but to somebody else?) or the tip!  Unfortunately there's more for the tip this time than the dogs home shop, although I found a lot of garden 'stuff' that my neighbour can probably find a use for ;0).  Only problem I've got now ... I found another cupboard I'd forgotten about.  Small one so decided to take care of that as well but - it's had a spill of something in it and it's a pull out which has to come off of runners so it's not an easy job.  Decided to leave it for another day as it's going to be a tough job to clean up whatever has spilled. Unfortunately I think some sort of chemical will need to be used.  So not good for my lungs but needs must!

Hubby can now start using his hand, gently, fully ... being sensible with it so, my cooking duties will be disappearing again soon - yay!  He can try driving again as well so hopefully I'll be getting my Wednesday's back as he's been champing at the bit to go shooting.  He was concerned about a 'clicking' he was getting near his thumb sometimes but seems they're not too concerned about that as it's not part of what they've done.  Just suggested it might be a touch of arthritis.  He was also concerned about a lump that had appeared on the side of his thumb 'joint'.  Turns out it's a screw they put in to hold everything together until it had all 'gelled'.  The screw will be coming out .... :0)  Looks as though normal life, as we know it, will be returning to some degree - and am I pleased about that! *hehe*

Anyway ...
Saturday March 12th, workshop with Jane Gill at the Glitterpot.

A 'scrapling' card.  The bit of card you get left with when you cut a folded piece of A4 to make a square card.  Don't let it go to waste ... use it - *lol*

Butterfly (using a stamp from Jane's new Woodware set called .... Bubble Butterflies :0)) stamped onto parchment/thick vellum and coloured with a variety of Sakura pens.  Gelly roll, normal, stardust - whatever is to hand.  A combination of a very large punched blossom, a variety of toning/contrasting paper flowers and a brad (in this instance a felt one).  A stencil ...  Jane had made the stencils from acetate and punches and there was a variety.  I chose the flower and double stenciled to give a shadow effect - and a greeting.

Quick, but very effective and the butterfly could be coloured with anything that will take to parchment/vellum.

Unfortunately photo shows the pen lines of the colouring but it's not actually obvious in real life.

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Janet said...

So glad your life is returning to a bit more like normal. Impressed with your cupboard clearing out abilities - want a job? Your scrappling card looks fun and the butterfly is very attractive.

Janet xx