Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Could be ...

... the second post today.  If it's not it'll be the first tomorrow ;0)

Paul (OH) and I had a treat last week.  It's one we've been waiting for since beginning of December.  Trouble was we were running out of time - oops!  To explain .... Groupon!  I've been using Groupon to buy massages etc at a reduced price and at the beginning of December an offer came in for a real treat.  An overnight stay in one of our local seafront hotels, in a deluxe sea view room and to include a facial with head/shoulder/neck massage in their beauty rooms.  Hubby wasn't sure about the latter but said he'd be up for it so voucher was bought.  Anyways, in meantime his health issues and hand op all intervened and it got to the stage where the 3 month validity was running out.  We waited for the plaster to come off his hand and booked.  Didn't get date we wanted but hey-ho, no particular reason for that date so we took what we could get to fit in with the beauty rooms and that was last Wednesday/Thursday.

Well, we did good!  The full cost would have been £400.  We paid £149 but we didn't get a deluxe sea view room.  We got a deluxe sea view SUITE!  That was 'cos we asked for a fully accessible wheelchair room if available and that's what they gave us ... at no extra cost.  Got to say the bathroom was amazing - as was the suite, on the whole.  Huge great wheel-in shower and also a big, giant spa bath .... pity the spa bit didn't work though :0(

We certainly had sea views.  All the following were taken through lightly tinted windows .  Couldn't open any as they were sealed units so had no choice hence some will have a bit of a strange colour to them - as well as reflection :0)

To the left (east) Palace Brighton Pier from lounge.
(click on photos to enlarge)

Lovely ornatmental telescope. 
Not sure it was supposed to be an ornament but it didn't work, not even after I took lenses out and cleaned them - ooops!

To the left from bedroom

To the right (west) West Pier, or rather, the remains of.

Paul looking out of bedroom window, from lounge window.  Just noticed reflection of a lamp post or similar with a bird on top which looks as though it's sitting on Paul's eyebrow *lol* 

Sunset ... love the orange glow through the lamp and the string of light bulbs in this one.  Makes them look alight but they weren't.  It's purely the setting sun.

Not good photos because of it getting dark, tint in window and the birds not being too co-operative but, tried to capture the starlings murmuration over the 2 piers.  
Amazing spectacle to watch.

More to follow but ... the facial and massage was amazing!  Paul enjoyed it as well but not sure he's got the hang of what these treatments are about.  There's me all chilled, relaxed and nearly asleep and apparently he spent the whole time chatting!  Bless! I've since explained ..... *grin*

It was the best facial I'd ever had and best of all they've given us vouchers for 50% off our next visit and also a loyalty card.  Not sure we'll be using that but think I might just have to use the 50% off a treatment :0) 

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Fantastic, what a lovely room to have