Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hello followers!

I'm wanting some feedback :0)
I've been tossing this idea around in my head for some while now.  As some of you know, I have another blog which was born from circumstances surrounding this blog.  I started this one to document my life in every capacity from daily life to crafty stuff.  In other words a bit of everything!  It started off well but then events quickly took a turn that put my crafting very much in the background and this blog became more about my life and my feelings as I was moving through a very difficult period.  It really became a diary for me and a vent for my anger, frustration and so on.  Because of that, some months in, I decided to start the Crafty Bits blog and keep it separate from my Ramblings which had become not really crafty at all.  Having said that crafty stuff was, and is, mentioned as it is part of my life but I tried to keep the craft focus in my other blog.

Anyway, I am rambling now, so I'll come to the point.  I've had the feeling for some while that I'm starting to repeat odd bits and bobs - or having to cut myself short in Ramblings because I'm adding stuff that  I feel should be in Crafty Bits.  It's making life in blogland a little difficult for me and I've a feeling that, along with other things, it's why I've lost the urge to blog as I used to.  The flow is no longer there and I don't feel I'm doing either blog justice.  I'm seriously contemplating merging the 2 blogs and just having the one blog as was the original intention all that time ago when I started Ramblings.  I've investigated and could merge them very successfully using the tools available within blogger.

I guess, what I want to know from you is whether you think it a good idea or not?  Personally I find blogs that combine both the person's life as well as their craft/hobby a lot more interesting than solely craft focused and that is where I was coming from when I started Ramblings.  If there's any followers of this blog that's interested and with an opinion there's a poll at the top of Crafty Bits sidebar (found via tab at top of page under header).  If you'd like to complete that  it would be much appreciated.  I'm not saying I'll go with what comes out of it 'cos I've got to go with what I feel is best for me in the long run but I'd be interested in getting opinions ....

Thanks for dropping by .....


Rae said...

I didn't know you had another blog, but I like the idea to combine the two. I have a hard time following blogs and when someone has more than one it is even harder to keep up with that person. I am one of those people that don't need to have a separate blog for every part of my life. I guess you can tell that from the mixed up stuff on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I say merge the two Pam - I love the personal stuff mixed in with the crafty bits..... two blogs is just toooooo much when you have other priorities.


Janet said...

I agree with the above. One blog please - much easier to follow and our lives overlap so much it should be all in one. Glad you are keeping up the blogging Pam.

Janet xx