Sunday, 6 March 2011

It's like wading ...

... through treacle tonight ... the internet that is and just when I thought it time I posted again!

There's a bit been going on since my last 'proper' post (not the poll one).  Hubby had his plaster off and it was replaced, as expected, with a fibreglass splint he could take off to exercise the thumb and then put back when done.  No cooking!  No nothing still, else risk popping ligament and undoing the whole op.  Since Friday he's been able to swap the fibreglass splint for a soft spongey one that supports the thumb.  He can do a little more but still not to use it for pushing himself and he has to put fibreglass one on when he goes to bed.  Still no cooking as he's still one-handed although he's been doing odd bits that he can manage one-handed.

He's had an appointment sent for him to see the Urologist.  Appointment was for 10th March but that's the day he's got his MRI so it's been moved to 31st March.  This month is all hospital appointments for him. MRI, hand therapist and surgeon (fortunately arranged for same day with following appointments), Oncologist, Urologist!  Can't think of any more 'ologists he could see right now.  We don't exactly know why he's to see the Urologist other than he was told he'd need to see him once he'd had the CT scan around Christmas time re his kidney.  Then they said that they didn't need to see him until he'd had the 2nd CT in 6 months (June time), now oncologist has asked urologist to see him ..... :0{  Oh, he's had his 2nd hormone jab.

Had the community nurse to come do that as he's housebound at the moment.  Strangely, but pleasantly, the community nurse was a young male nurse and very nice he was too!  He had an older female nurse with him who'd tagged along as she'd never had to do one of these implant jabs so she wanted to bring herself up to speed.  Took no more than 5 minutes to do the deed but they were here more than an hour doing paperwork!  Said they could have been here another couple of hours but they'd done the most basic needed and would add to it next time they came ... if they did.  It's all because hubby doesn't normally use the community nurses so his records were way out of date.  Anyways, the round of hospital appointments start near the end of the week so we might have more news come the end of the month ... I do hope so!

Weather hasn't been too bad of late and there's definite signs of spring being in the air.  Little lambs in the fields in the sunshine and daffodils on the roadsides.  Particularly noticeable on a trip up to Burgess Hill last week to collect (or not) my remade new specs.  The 'or not' was because I didn't.  The first pair of specs weren't right and neither were the remade ones.  Fed up now so decided, as I didn't actually need new ones, I'd have the money back and not bother until I really needed them.  Guess they've saved me nearly £300 but it's a total mystery as to why these specs weren't right.  Prescription hadn't changed so I should have just been able to do a straight change over with no problems but I couldn't see properly, clearly, with them and the 2nd pair started to give me a bit of motion sickness - and this was with the more expensive, easier to adapt to, varifocals!  I think not!  Now I reckon I know why OH had trouble and gave up on varifocals.  Give me my cheapie standard ones any day.  Used them for years since I first started with them and not a day of trouble.  Really disappointed though as I'm bored with specs I've got and wanted nice new shiny ones for my holiday at end of April ..... If I can find the script I might try somewhere else but - script has gone walkabout - ooops!

Not done any walking of late - well, not on my own anyway - but did do some walking early-ish one morning last week and that's a story for the next post ... with pictures - *LOL*

Oh, and missed this blog's 3rd birthday on March 1st!  Happy belated birthday blog *mwah!*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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