Thursday, 24 March 2011

I've nearly found ...

... a miracle!  There's history to this story.  Back in October Paul and I were watching Ideal World ... well he was channel hopping and landed on it and the content caught our attention.  It was for a Polti steam cleaner and I thought I'd seen it before but for a much cheaper price.  Turned out I had but it had been a smaller, cheaper model .. but I'm digressing!  Anyways, we watched the demos and thought, if they weren't staged and were true, then it was a pretty good machine to own.  Not impressed with price so off I went to Google and found it online for a much cheaper price and item was ordered and duly delivered and that was it.  Said item stayed in it's box until yesterday when I unpacked it (including cutting off the plastic 'string' stuff strapping).  It's the Polti Vaporetti 950 and, if I'd waited to buy it for when we wanted it I'd have got it even cheaper as it's now £5 less than I paid - *lol*

It's been in action and I'm soo impressed!  I've cleaned over half of the kitchen cupboard doors and some of them I've always had real difficulty in cleaning ... the ones near the hob and the door covering the extractor fan.  The ones that historically get all the gunk from cooking, no matter how much you wipe down afterwards.   Ate through that with no problem and the most exertion I had to put into it was climbing onto a stool, stretching and wiping down!  It certainly allowed me to get more done than I thought I would in one go.  Hope to finish cupboards today but first there's an appointment to keep with Paul's Oncologist.  Keeping fingers crossed that the MRI results match the much improved PSA levels .... scarey though.

On a downside I had an awful shock yesterday evening.  Every month I meet up with old work colleagues, most of whom I've known since 1969, some not quite so long, and we were all made redundant from the same company back in 1993 and yes, we've met up regularly every 4 to 6 weeks since then.  Initially it was just ourselves but over time spouses have joined us so for at least 10 years (or more) we've got to know them as well. Around 9pm last night I got a phone call from one of my ex-colleagues to tell me his wife had died suddenly last Friday, on their way home from holiday in Canada.  They were at the airport Thursday last week, she collapsed and died within 24 hours, on Friday 18th March.  She was generally fit and healthy although, apparently, had complained of feeling a little unwell for a couple of days, but nothing major.  Seems she'd contracted Strep A ... and it killed her.  What he must be going through right now is unthinkable.  He's home, trying to deal with jet-lag and the shock and she is still in Canada waiting to be flown home.  He has his  adult children and their partners supporting and helping but they must be dealing with all sorts of emotions as well.  It was sudden, totally unexpected, in her early 60s - and a breast cancer survivor!  It's surreal.

RIP Barbara - you will be missed.

Barbara - Jan 2011 - my birthday meet.

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