Friday, 18 March 2011

Lady June Workshop - part 2

... but not before noting my 5 seconds of fame!  I had one of my photos shown on the TV last night.  It was shown on Meridian TV's weather slot during the 6pm news programme.  Was so shocked.  Heard my name, looked up and there it was .... gone!  Haven't a clue what else was said as it was totally unexpected although, if I'd read my emails before the programme aired I could have been prepared and hubby wouldn't have missed it either - *LOL*  It was a photo I sent in at the beginning of February so certainly didn't expect it to be shown this far on.  Which photo was it?  This one!

Was really tired yesterday after the day at Deb's.  I think a full day of crafting, 180 miles and 4¼ hours on the road for the round trip took it out of me but it was well worth it.  Anyways, as I had another day of crafting booked with Jane at the Glitterpot today I decided to take it easy and spent the day working on my new and improved year book.  Yep, I'm back to that again *grin*  I did have time out to cook dinner  ... no sign of 'im indoors taking up those reins again just yet :0( ... Spanish style baked eggs, and very nice 'twere too!  Perhaps I need to start cooking some rubbish meals to encourage the take over *hehe!*

Here it is ... the final card made last Saturday and my second fave of the day although this one I had to finish at home.

Once again using the Lady June stamp mentioned in yesterday's post.  I think that everything else is pretty  much self-explanatory. This time it was to be used monochromatic but I felt that it needed to have a tiny bit of colour just to lift it so, tiny bit of colour I added!

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