Saturday, 12 March 2011

Out and About ...

... on Wednesday. Well, actually I had my regular visit to the Chiropodist and after I left I decided to pop down the road from his surgery in Peacehaven and take a picture of the Meridian Monument. This is the first time, in all my life living in such close proximity, that I've actually been to see it!  It was a lovely day but it was blowing a hoolie! Just as well the cliff top is fenced off otherwise I think I might have ended up over it - *lol*

Anyways, the monument that was built to mark the point where the Greenwich (Prime) Meridian passes the English south coast. The line that the world's time is calculated from - ie.  GMT and it can't get any closer to GMT than here :0)

Plaque on sea side of the monument recording the date it was built, amongst other things.

On the land side of the monument is a bronze plaque detailing the world's major cities of the time and their distance from this particular point, in miles (waaaay before metrication came along)

View from rear of monument towards the east.

View to the west with Brighton in the distance, approximately 6 miles away ... and coastline even further away towards Worthing.

Had a lovely day at the Glitterpot today doing workshops with Jane Gill. Good company and great workshops which I thoroughly enjoyed. One card to finish off but 4 cards made, not much spent. Came home and rounded the day off with a Chinese takeaway in front of TV. Can't get much better than that, although ..... arranging a crafty weekend away might just top it - *lol*!

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