Sunday, 20 March 2011

Wednesday playday ...

... at Deb's - photos!  Well, a couple for now.  Fuzzy group photo, although not all of us 'cos I'm missing.  Photo taken on camera timer to see if it worked, which it did but I wasn't quite in shot  (I can just see a bit of my sweater in the bottom right hand corner)  Second attempt had me in shot but Cathy decided to hide behind Joy so I didn't manage to get one of all of us together.  I've photos of myself on  blog in various places so thought I'd post the fuzzy group one, minus moi!

l-r:  Cally, Jennie, Elaine, Debs, Cathy and Joy

One of our projects ... a necklace using a metallic ribbon.
The black one was made by Cally and the bronze one is mine :0)

At every meet there is one of us that has ..... ermmm, what can we call it to be polite, ermmmm ... oh yes, a faux pasdeliberate mistake creative inspiration. Can you see this one?  (Jackie & Susan couldn't make it so it had to be me - *lol*)

Thanks for dropping by .....


Debs said...

Great photo of the necklaces Pam, not so sure about the one with me in it lol
Love the faux pas

Daisycat said...

Well I will be there at AM to make you look good Pam. Love the necklaces.