Monday, 21 March 2011

Projects from ...

... Wednesday.  Well, a couple of them anyway.

All stamps on the first card were from a stamp set that came free on the front of a Docrafts magazine some while ago.  Loosely coloured with ProMarkers, I loved the freedom to colour this one any way we liked without having to worry about blending, staying within the lines etc 'cos it didn't matter.  Cartoon style drawing lets you get a way with all sorts - *lol*  The main image was stamped onto a piece of card (mat) that then had 'windows' cut into it (with nesties in this instance) and the sentiment and handbag stamps were stamped through the windows onto another piece of card (mat).  The edges of the mats were coloured using the ProMarker chisel tip and a ruler.  Width of the colouring can be adjusted by where the ruler is positioned and at what angle the nib is used.

The following card was the first one made.  Reason being, the centre of the flowers.  Debs had discovered, purely by accident, that if you put a big blob of PVA glue in the centre of the flower, covered it in glitter and allowed it to dry that it dried leaving the glitter raised, brad style.  The idea was to replicate that but, in the event, we ended up with something completely different.  Our glue sunk in the middle and we ended up with a raised edge, like a doughnut, and have to say .... I love it!  I will certainly be playing with big blobs of PVA again ... just to see what I end up with although, I don't generally 'do' glitter well, not loose glitter anyway - *lol*  The other highlight of this card was the ruched ribbon.  I'd never used ribbon in this way before but I will be using it again.  On this card the ribbon was ruched by making running stitches along the centre and then gathering it up, fixing the ends behind the mat and then playing with the positioning of the ruches before sticking it down with a bit of tape to stop it moving around - although it could be left loose.

Plans for yesterday went a bit awry - as can be seen from the blog.  I did go into my crafty corner for a while and I can see the desk again - yessss!  Then I decided to start on the blog makeover.  It's going well and I think I've most stuff covered.  Was stuck for a while on one thing I wanted to do, even though I'd found really good instructions on how to do it.  Just couldn't find the relevant place in the template.  I just took time out to cook dinner, which was delish ... and quick but not good 'cos it's not encouraging Paul to take the cooking reins back - *lol*   Seemed to be just what was wanted 'cos I came back and found it!  So it's job done and just the final bit of tweeking to do ☺
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Eileen said...

Hi Pam .... I have not left comment for a while but I have been reading your blog often! ... I love this card how pretty is that! Thanks for following Daisy and Holly I hpe you enjoy her ramblings! ( OTL ....aka Ken helps her write it!)

I am 'shouting out' for blogs that I love, on my blog, each time I post and today's link is to you ! xx

Anne-Marie said...

Oh, I love it!!
Love the "happy accident" with the glue 'n' glitter, lol.....and will definitely be pinching the ruched ribbon idea...thanks! :)

Denise said...

Hi Pam

Hopped over from Eileen's blog as she is shouting for you today. Very pretty card, will certainly be taking a peek often at your blog
Dee xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Pam, I have come over from dear Eileen's blog and have decided to follow - I really love the flower cards here!! you do have different slant on things which is refreshing you might enjoy my blog too?
Thanks for sharing.
Shaz in Oz.x