Friday, 3 June 2011

Not too sure ...

... how to go with this one :0(  

12th May, the day that the holiday was finally totally spoilt for us (me and Jackie) and for absolutely no reason had a brain been put into gear - or a few brains! Suffice to say, first thing in the morning, Jackie was viciously, verbally attacked - again - in front of several of us.  This time I couldn't sit by and let it happen without saying something.  It was embarrassing and uncomfortable and to say I sat with my jaw dropped was an understatement.  I tried to explain to this person why they were wrong and also suggested that they should have more respect for people (ie - all of us) but it fell on deaf ears and the tirade continued. Not a nice person!  It upset us all to one degree or another.  Obviously Jackie most of all and it upset me because of how it affected Jackie.  Made me so appreciative of my sons.  They have respect for people and wouldn't treat anyone, let alone me, in such a way.  After this the holiday was never going to be the same.  

A day out had been planned.  We weren't prepared to miss out on a rare sight-seeing trip, so we bit the bullet and off we went.  First stop was the Elephant Safari Park at Taro.  Well, not quite true.  First stop was by the roadside to photograph a group of Balinese harvesting rice. The journey to the elephant park took nearly 2 hours and we went through some stunning scenery and saw a lot of 'local' life.  This group, when they saw us pull over, stopped working and started waving *lol*  We wanted to take photos of them working *grin*.  They were a happy crowd and had as all smiling.

Once at the park Jackie and I, and one other couple, decided we'd like to do the actual elephant safari so we paid our fees then found out we had a 1½ hour wait - oops!  Still, there was plenty to do in that time, including lunch.

We really enjoyed the trip through the forest.  It was quiet and peaceful and our elephant guide was very knowledgeable and caring.  He put our minds at rest as to how the animals were cared for, which was concerning us when we saw some in chains.  Fortunately it seems it's only a temporary measure for meal and rest times while visitors are there.  At other times they are free.  There were baby ellies and an active breeding programme so all was well.

We know there was at least one photo taken of us on the elephant as we came through the bathing lake but, despite requesting a copy 4 times now, it has not been forthcoming so the only one we have of us on the elephant, but not of the elephant as well, is posted above, taken by our elephant guide ... bless him!  As we were finishing our ride it started to rain and, did it rain!  Umbrella's were everywhere - *LOL*

Our next stop was for tea at a cafe that had the most stunning views of the rice terraces at Tagallalang.

Rice, nearly ready for harvesting.

From there we made our way back via a wood carvers.  Unfortunately by the time we arrived the carver had stopped work for the day.  We did get to look around the shop though.  Most of us would have liked to have watched the carver at work as it is amazing in it's detail.

Works in progress ...

Our journey onwards gave us some more wonderful views of local life.

We dined at a Thai restaurant and it was the first time we had individual bills rather than splitting the cost across all of us.  Fine for me as I was eating and drinking so little compared with everyone else.  I still wasn't really well, although feeling better than I had for the past few days.  Jackie and I spent the rest of the evening in the villa, on our own and frankly, we were pleased to have the time to ourselves. Although it had been a lovely day with what we did and saw, the atmosphere had been awful.

The following day we had a chance to get out on our own.  Everybody else wanted to go shopping.  We wanted to see a bit more of the country and it's people so, that's what we did :0)

Back to now ...
Paul has an infection where the screw was taken out of his thumb last month.  It's been bothering him for a week or so but it became clear that he couldn't leave it to show the surgeon at his post-op assessment as he'd planned.  He's now on 2 different antibiotics, double dose on one.  Doc said he wants to treat it aggressively and, if the infection spreads he will need intravenous ones.  We've to keep a close eye.  We managed to fit a day's dose into him yesterday - just shortened the time between doses to do it.  I'm beginning to wonder if he will ever be able to use his hand to it's full potential again.  In over 2 years he's barely been outside the house. On the up side - his PSA levels have dropped even more so at least we know the cancer is well under control!

Today?  I've a day at the Glitterpot with Cally.  New tutor we've not seen before.  Looking forward to it .....
Thanks for dropping by .....


Jackie said...

Fabby piccies AGAIN Pam, yep shame about our ellie one not being forthcoming !!!
Good news on PSA, not so good on his hand bless him. Hope the drugs do the trick. Enjoy your day out, look forward to seeing you makes xx

Anne-Marie said...

Yay!! Blogger is actually lettin' me leave a comment, at last!
I am sooo jealous of your ride on the elephant....I got to ride one when I was 6 years old, and ADORED it, and have always wanted to do it again....sigh.
What a trip....such a shame that it was a bit spoiled, but glad you got on with it, and enjoyed.
I always want to say OUCH when you mention that screw...hope it's okay in the end....Hugs.