Friday, 17 June 2011

Oh me, oh my ...

... thought it was too good to be true! Dad's got himself in 'trouble' again, although it seems it's not 'again'. Seems it's just got too much and they've had enough. Think he might be getting close to being moved again but heaven knows where he could be moved to. Still, it's not at that stage yet but it would appear it's what he needs. What's set this all off? Him and his 'emergency' call button he wears round his neck. Emergency button for if he falls or needs any other urgent help like a call of nature (he has to have assistance with that nowadays). It would appear that he's using it for anything - and I mean, anything. Moving a plate from his side table to the sink when he's finished eating, rather than waiting for his next call. If something isn't quite 'right' to his mind and he wants to talk to somebody. If something is out of place and he wants it moved and so on and so forth. He pushed his 'emergency' button 30 times last Sunday. The Care Manager gets a printout of the usage. It's become silly usage with Dad but they have to respond every time in case it is an emergency. Strange thing is, if he does fall he's loathe to use it. He doesn't like them knowing when he falls unless he really can't get himself back up.

They want me to speak to him, with them, next week so I've to go on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Looks as though I've got to get 'cross' with him again but over his button usage this time. Care Manager is worried he won't retain the info we give him about it but I'm beginning to think that it's a bit of selective memory retention with him. Since I last got cross with him over his 'life' a couple of weeks ago the visits have been better. She also wants to refer him back to Social Services. She says she wants the critical care team to look at him, not the normal care team which is who have been seeing him. She's really worried about his fall risk but I honestly don't see that there's anything that can be done other than having him permanently in a wheelchair and then he would be completely immobile. He wouldn't be able to wheel himself like Paul does. Anyway, looks as though it's gonna be a fun visit next week! I've warned her it may have to be a 'bad cop, good cop' scenario to make the info, re button usage, stick.

On the brighter side it looks as though we're going to have yet another January birthday as our expected great-grandchild is due 12th January. Too early, even if it's late, to arrive on Dad's 90th or my 61st so I will be only 60 when it arrives. Still, it's granddad made me a grandmother at 40 - he will be 39! Serves him right for having his son when he was only 18 *grin*

Weather has been atrocious today. Started raining in stair rods mid morning and it's barely stopped all day. I did manage to sort my shelves - kind of - and I found several craft CD/DVDs that I don't want. I don't 'do' CD crafting despite buying them with that in mind.  Just doesn't float my boat so I'm getting rid of some. Not all, just in case I change my mind *LOL* 
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Cally said...

Now I know what your status on Facebook meant!!!!! 'Stair rods!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear things are not so good with your Dad, I hope you can get through to him and all goes well next week.
It`s true what they say "the parents become the children and the children become the parents" Good luck for the visit on Wednesday.

Jackiep xx