Saturday, 18 June 2011

A while back ...

... I decided I was going to try 12.7mm magnetic tape for my nestie storage instead of the 25mm I had been using.  Today I finally got around to trying it. I've been collecting sets but not wanted to 'decant' them until I'd found the notebook I'd lost and in which I'd listed all the dies/punches/folders that I own. Today I was going through cards that need to be finished and what did I find amongst them? Yep, my notebook! It was on the cards I would have to do it again (already bought another notebook) and it took an age to do it in the first place.  Anyway, back to topic .... 

I wasn't too sure how successful the narrower tape would be but I can report that, although it's not quite as strong as the 25mm (less surface area so wouldn't be), is lighter (less bulk) ... it does work effectively. I will now stay with the 12.7mm tape as you can get 10m for virtually the price of 5m of the 25mm, so works out cheaper as well.  Wish I'd bought that in the first place now as I wouldn't have had to buy any more for a good while but .... I reckon I've now got enough to last for as long as I shall need it as most of my dies are bought and it's only odd sets, when I buy them, and not nearly the 100 odd I had to deal with when I first started storing them the way I do now. 

At this point I should say that I do have another item for nestie storage .... Joy Crafts! A3 Magnetic Metal Die Storage Folder.  Yes, that is A3 (there is an A4 version as well) but I needed something to store my 12" Grand Borderabilities and .... some Grand Label Dies.  My CD wallet just doesn't cut the mustard for such long/large dies :0)  I'd already got a few of the Quickutz version for my mega/long nesties but they're not even A4 size so really didn't work for the long borders.

I don't have a Grand Calibur or any other A4 sized large cutting machine but I checked out the measurements of some of the dies for the Grand Calibur and found that some weren't far off the maximum size that the Cuttlebug would take. I figured that there were 4 sets where all the dies would fit so I bought one to try (Grand Labels Four, set of 6 dies) and all but the very largest die goes through the Cuttlebug. By my reckoning that means that all of that set may go through the Big Shot as I believe the slot it slightly wider but it will need to be a Big Shot owner that confirms, or denies, that.  It is only the overhang around the cutting edge that makes it too wide for the Bug. Being quite happy that there was only one die I couldn't use with the bug I bought Grand Labels Eleven (set of 6 dies) and that has the same result. Only the largest die won't fit the bug.

I've revisited my estimations of the other sets as the narrowest cut measurement should be 5¾ inches or less. If it says 6 inches technically it should go through but that bit of overhang will stop it - and the plates are only 6 inches wide - *LOL*  The only thing that may be needed are extended plates or running the die through the Bug twice - top and tail.

Anyway, here's what I reckon will fit, and won't fit the Bug from the available Grand dies (but I won't be held accountable if they don't -*lol*)

Grand Large Label - all of them (all fit - I've bought, I've tried and they do!)
Grand Ovals - all of them (all fit - I've bought, I've tried and they do!)
Grand Labels Eleven - 5 out of 6 (have proved this one as I have them *grin*)
Grand Labels Four - 5 out of 6 (another proved as I've these as well * bigger grin*)
Big Scalloped Circles - 3/6
Big Scalloped Ovals - 3/6 definitely.  Possibly 4/6
Creative Book Pages - 4/6
Grand Labels One - 4/6
Grand Scalloped Ovals - 4/6 definitely.  Possibly 5/6
Grand Circles - 4/7
Grand Scalloped Circles - 3/6
Grand Squares - 4/7
Grand Scalloped Squares - 3/6

OK, there's only 4 sets where all will fit through but reckon there's enough choice to make it worthwhile buying some without buying an A4 machine to use them with - unless you really, really want/need to use the very largest in the sets *grin*

Anyways, that's been my day today. Listening to Harry Potter while sorting my cards into order of needing inserts, matching with envelopes or just general finishing and then, once notebook came to light - decanting my newer dies into their new home, labelling them, updating notebook and revisiting my list of what will and what won't go through the Bug with the Grand dies.  Tomorrow I'll get it looking more like a work area than a dumping ground and I might even get some crafting done .... but then again?

Oh ... and we had a visit from prospective new Grand-daddy Philip and his soon to be wife Paula (eldest son and future daughter-in-law), eldest grand-daughter Chloe and future step-grandson Ben ... followed by a visit from youngest son, Wayne and our little Emma. Zac and Amy were safely tucked up in bed fast asleep - *grin* Lovely day!

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