Sunday, 19 June 2011

Well, no crafting ...

... as such, today. I did spend time doing a bit more organising.  Think that's about as much as I can do for now. Got to spend time getting my bits together for the House Party weekend now - and sorting Dad out on Wednesday!

Had a visit from Kieran, the new Daddy to be, his partner and her son, this afternoon. They wanted to bring us a picture of the scan. The scan shows she's 10 weeks pregnant but she could have been as much as 5 months, which is why the scan was pushed through. The next one is due in August and they hope to find out what they're having at that time. Personally, if it were me, I'd rather not know. Didn't have the luxury of that choice when I had my lads but I wouldn't have wanted to know. I like the surprise at the end *LOL*  Think it was the 'not knowing' that stopped me losing my sanity (if I ever was sane) with the boredom of waiting with the second one. First arrived 2 weeks early. Second decided to wait until the day before he was going to be induced, then popped out in a hurry *LOL* Anyway, we now have a scan photo of our first great grandchild. Looks pretty much like a jelly bean at the moment so think I'll call it 'Bean' until we know one way or t'other.

Had to laugh today. If I'd not laughed I would have cried. Brother told me they'd posted Dad's Father's Day card addressed to ...... wrong address! It was partly right but the road and postcode was for the old flats that were demolished to make way for those Dad's in now. The address of Dad's flat is completely different other than the name of them. Different street address and postcode. Last year Dad didn't get a card from my brother. Seems he sent it to this same address. Now, what makes this funny - not! - is that I've lost count of the number of times I've given him Dad's address, from just before he moved right up to today and not once has he made a note of it, until today. They decided to get the address from the Post Office site way back, when it hadn't been updated so didn't have the address for the new flats and it still showed the address for the old flats. Today he finally wondered why he'd got the wrong address. I wondered why he'd never checked what they'd got - especially when post had gone astray - when I'd sent him countless emails giving him an address .... and still have the sent email copies to prove it!  Looks as though, if Dad hasn't received this year's card, it will have gone to the same place as last years ... the Post Office rubbish bin!

20 years it took, until this past week, to get Paul to go to the flicks to see a film and what's the film on TV this evening? The last film he saw at the flicks - Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. Coincidence? Guess it is, but what a coincidence. Made us chuckle - *LOL*

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